No Destiny Incomplete; No Assignment Left Undone.

Bethany Worship Center puts an emphasis on healing ministries. That’s why we have dedicated our third Sunday service as a healing service. We have had extraordinary testimonies of restoration, healing, and deliverance in this services

Sunday Morning Service 10:00 am

12160 Co Rd 132, Celina, TX 75009


Our Church

Bethany Worship Center builds powerful people. We are a warm, friendly, and inviting church, focused on growing people into the image of Christ.

We believe that growing strong families and a daily study of God’s word is vital to spiritual growth. BWC was founded in 1999, and the first worship service was led by founding senior pastor Carl Tiner in April 4 1999.


Blessings, and increase upon you so we have more than enough
to co-labor with heaven and see Jesus get his full reward. We contribute our time, talents, and resources to further the mission of Jesus in our communities and the world


Carl Tiner

Bethany Worship Center began in 1999 under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Fueled by prayer and the Bible, Pastor Carl is passionate about building the local church and advancing God’s kingdom on Earth. Whatever brings you to BWC, you’ll surely find the support you need to tackle any kind of life struggles and everyday challenges.


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12160 Co Rd 132 12160 Co Rd 132, Celina, TX 75009, USA


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