Little Lights

Little Lights

We here at Bethany Worship Center Church in Allen TX love children. We understand that children have a special connection with God and He loves to hear from them. We know that with Godly influence and direction they will not only learn their purpose, but they will continue to seek Gods counsel as they grow, not only in size, but in their faith and in their relationship with Him.

Little Lights age group

The ages are from 4-6 years


Our Dedication to our Little Lights

Our Sunday School program is not about baby sitting, we are dedicated to teaching our Little lights about Jesus and how they have a purpose in life too… just like the adults. They can pray and people will be healed, saved, delivered and set free. They can ask and receive just like the adults. They may be small but their faith is huge. We encourage all these things through bible study lessons and activities that children understand.

Sunday Morning Little Lights

Sunday School opens 9:45 am and begins at 10:00 am to allow time to sign in your little Lights, give instructions and assure them of your return. Little children do not usually take a nap during this time, but if they are early risers then they might perhaps get a little tired, so you are encouraged to bring a mat, their favorite blanket or snuggle toy with them, as this will make them feel better while you are away. You are also encouraged to bring your child their favorite snack and beverage. Please remember to pick up your child/children as soon as the church service is over.


Little Lights who may not be feeling well

Please remember if your child is running a temperature, has a runny nose and has not been seen by a Doctor and deemed allergy related, will be considered contagious. For the safety of all of our children please understand that they will not be permitted to stay in Sunday School. We love and care for each child, so if your child is ill, please let us know, so that we can pray for them. You may also visit the Bethany Prayer Wall and post your prayer request there. Our plan is to have all our Little Lights healthy and attending church with you.  


For more information regarding our Little Lights program

You may contact us at the Church Office ~ 214-495-1057 or click on the contact us page or contact tab.